Professional Activities

Presentations and Technical Sessions

  • OBUG – Belgian Tech Days 2019 (Antwerpen, Belgium), upcoming “Tracing Parallel Execution”, February 2018
  • UKOUG (Liverpool, United Kingdom), “Tracing Parallel Execution”, December 2018
  • BGOUG (Pravetz, Bulgaria), “Tracing Parallel Execution”, December 2018
  • Oracle Open World (San Francisco), “Migrating Your Database to Oracle Cloud: Exploring the Options”, October 2018
  • POUG (Sopot, Poland), “Parallel Execution”, September 2018
  • TECH18 (Amersfoort, Netherlands), “Parallel Execution”, June 2018
  • UKOUG Northern Technology Summit 2018 (Leeds, United Kingdom), “Parallel Execution”, May 2018
  • UKOUG (Birmingham, United Kingdom), Masterclass “Parallel Execution With Oracle Database 12c”, December 2017
  • BGOUG (Pravets, Bulgaria), “Automate DBA Tasks With Ansible”, November 2017
  • Oracle Open World (San Francisco), Co-presented “Securing Your DBA Monitoring and Backup Scripts”, October 2017
  • SIOUG (Portoroz, Slovenia), Presented “Automate DBA Tasks With Ansible”, October 2017
  • HROUG (Rovinj, Croatia), Presented “Automate DBA Tasks With Ansible”, October 2017
  • POUG (Krakow, Poland), Presented “Automate DBA Tasks With Ansible”, September 2017
  • TECH17 (Amersfoort, Netherlands), Presented “Parallel Execution”, June 2017
  • BGOUG (Pravets, Bulgaria), Presented “Parallel Execution”, June 2017
  • POUG (Warsaw, Poland), Presented “Parallel Execution”, October 2016
  • HROUG (Rovinj, Croatia), Presented “Oracle Data Redaction 12c”, October 2015
  • SIOUG (Portoroz, Slovenia), Presented “Oracle Data Redaction 12c”, October 2015
  • BGOUG (Plovdiv, Bulgaria), Presented “Oracle Data Redaction 12c”, June 2015

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